My name is Sondra.  I’d like to thank you for visiting Pigs.Info.

I love pigs.   At the moment, seven females (sows and gilts) and one boar call my ranch their home.  Five of the girls are Berkshires.  Two are Yorkshires.  I think one is a Berkshire/Yorkshire cross.     I have opted to raise my pigs in a free range type of environment.   My pigs make me laugh.   Together, we (the sows and I) are striving to produce the best tasting pork possible.  We are supplying a niche market rather than the average consumer that purchases their pork at the grocery store.

I find pigs absolutely fascinating.   I also find the history and traditions  that surround the pig in both the United States and in other countries interesting.   So, when Pigs.Info became available, I felt this website and it’s attached online store would provide an amazing opportunity to create a Pig resource for those that are interesting in learning more about pigs or that love pigs.

If you have any suggestions about what would make this site better, please let me know.  Futhermore, if you would like to contribute photographs, articles  or stories that relate to pigs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Athough people will have differences of opinion, I do request that each visitor will give people the opportunity to voice their opinion.   I will delete any comment that come across as hateful, as being pointless or that contain foul language.  I want pigs.info to be a family friendly site.    I am also fully aware that some people don’t eat meat or they don’t eat pork.   I do.  I also praise the Lord that I have the opportunity to enjoy pork.   If you are extremely opposed to this website, you can leave and not come back.

As I am building out the online store, if you know of any unique pig merchandise that is available please let me know.  This site is meant for everyone interested in pigs.


With all sincerity,